Hard report from the Renovador Front about regional inequality Chronicle


In line with the recently published report, Frente Renovador's technical team announced work that focused on the growing differences between Argentina.

According to the report, entitled "Far from the federalism that we want", the causes of this social inequality are multiplied, but among them, territorial asymmetry is largely responsible for this unequal reality, while slowing the prospect of fair and sustainable growth in Argentina.

After the publication of the report summarizing the year of the legislative forces led by Sergio Massa – detailing 410 projects presented by FR in 2018 with infographic animations that synthesize "A year of legislative opposition"– and after disclosing a work that revealed 20 promises that have not been fulfilled by the Government of Indonesia Mauricio MacriThe Renovador Front's technical team prepared a report that reflected inequality between provinces in relation to productive, social and economic development.

This document collects statistics from various sources, such as the Observatory of the Social Argentina Debt, INDEC, etc., and reviews data as in the Northern provinces there are 5 times more poor children than in the City of Buenos Aires, which is more of 40% of households have income below the poverty line, and the reality is that there is no universal access to education and both for health and social coverage. The wage gap in all regions is also a reality, as are inequalities in human development, productive, and gender.

President Macri's government has deepened territorial inequality, discarded regional promotion policies and revoked public and social investments for the development of our just state. As a result, the quality of life, access to services, and consumption capacity of Argentineans and Argentinians living in the interior are lower than those who live in the center.

To overcome this, we must redesign economic geography, rethink the current centralist structure and move on alternative paths that allow the autonomous development of all Argentine territories and provinces, to produce a material base of real federalism, a multicentric Argentina. and with all its capacity and all its potential to improve the quality of the daily lives of its citizens.

Finally, this report highlights that Frente Renovador has a project for a multiregional, balanced country and with possibilities for all Argentinians and Argentinians. "We will not get it from one day to the next, but we cannot continue to postpone this decision to protect the interests of a few people."


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