Hantavirus: Chile wants to help make vaccines


Yesterday it was confirmed that there were 29 cases in Chubut and 5 in Buenos Aires.

After the outbreak of the virus in Epuyén, the Biotechnology and Biomedical Center of Universidad de Concepción, in Chile, proposed to our state authorities, by letter, a joint effort to "carry out the preclinical and clinical evaluation stages of this vaccine formulation, following the standards of the Argentine regulatory body". From the Chilean learning houses mentioned above, they indicated: "Collaboration with Carlos Malbrán Institute can greatly accelerate the arrival of this vaccine in the city."

"This vaccine provides excellent results in mice and hamsters. It is being produced in a biological production plant, under conditions of good manufacturing practices," said Oliberto Sánchez Ramos, PhD in Biological Sciences and professor at the university. However, he said: "The development of this vaccine will not resolve the current situation in the province of Chubut. Obtaining sanitation registration for its use may require a one-year lead.

This happened when it was confirmed that there were 29 confirmed cases at Chubut. Also, yesterday was the fifth case in the province of Buenos Aires. He is a 40-year-old male La Plata who is in serious condition.


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