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Gustavo Cerati and intimate biography


Early departure Gustavo Cerati not only resigned his figure in Argentine and Latin American music, but his work with Stereo soda and his solo career took another flight. And even, over time, they understood better.

After four years since his death and several tributes throughout the continent, Today a unique documentary was released, which reviews his life like never before.

"BIOS. The life that marks you" seeks, through chronological stories, to enter into the most intimate fiber of the leader and guitarist of Soda Stereo. His childhood, the beginning in music, the personality of Gustavo's son, father and friend. And, also, the obsessive and conscientious side of being an artist.

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As in the previous installments, "Doku-reality" produced by Underground for National Geographic goes deep into the protagonist's personality and journey.

In the first stage of the story, father's house, his curiosity about music since he was a child The testimonies of the closest circle are fundamental to starting the journey through the life of one of the national rock exponents.

The house is full of photos, awards, memories, and anecdotes from his mother, Lillian Clarke and his sister, Laura Cerati They introduced us to Gustavo the boy, nervous, to whom music was the only thing that revealed it.

Lillian Clarke and Laura Cerati, also the protagonists.

His room, the living room where he compiled his first song and the table where he shared a family lunch on Sunday were the nooks and crannies where he moved Javiera Mena, a Chilean artist who is in charge of conducting and interviewing people who are part of the life of musicians.

"I like Gustavo because he is esoteric and Adrián is a strong name and he wants him to be both," her mother explained about choosing the name she chose for her only son.

Home recording from curious children who sang their first songs accompanied by his father, the special relationship he had with his sisters was the mechada with a special note left from Cerati which told him about his relationship with his sisters and parents.

"We always listen to it as family before releasing recordings," said his sister.

Leap to fame

The faculty is the bridge where he met Zeta Bosio and Charly Alberti, with whom in 1982 he created Stereo Soda. From that pure experiment, thanks to the daily experiments they gave His first step was in 84 with his first self-titled album.

But the leap of popularity will not wait. For the following year, "Personal Tone" was a turning point to conquer the national and international rock scene. Here, the story uses the testimony of Bosio, Alberti and Adrián Taverna, the sound engineer who accompanied the band and Cerati until the final stage.

Together with Zeta Bosio and Charly Alberti, he formed a band in 1982.

Detailing lesser-known aspects of his personality, "Bios" saved unpublished tour pictures in Latin America, the initial coexistence of the band and risper that was felt in the early 90's.

When he seemed to touch the sky with his hands, after calling the crowd to the Obelisk in 1991, he lived in one of the saddest chapters in his personal life: his father's illness and death.

His ability as a lyricist and musician has been seen outside the band and he needs to take distance. For 1993, that was shocking "Yellow Love", the first solo album that came along with a moment of rest in his life, became a father. When it seemed that Soda hadn't returned, they tried again until the farewell in 1997. "I'm just saying goodbye," he confessed to his manager, Daniel Kon.

Father and musician

One of the most important points of the "documentary reality" is that it shows for the first time a unique record of his personal life and his relationship with his children.

That's how it is Benito and Lisa are in the middle of the stage by telling details about coexistence, the good humor they always have, and how music is the strong link between them.

Videos about holidays in the south, the birth of Lisa, and baby Benito to whom he dedicated songs are some of the most touching scenes.

Benito Ceratized His Son, career climbed, adding his anecdote.

However, in parallel, his solo career emerged. How he managed to get away from what became the Soda Stereo storm and conveyed his personality on each of his upcoming albums.

Here, interview to Adrián Taverna, Caito Lorenzo, Leandro Fresco and Leo García They explore the deep side that musicians go through in their solo careers and how each song and album relates directly to the moment he lives.

Tireless work and a permanent search for what is different is the inflection point in his work, until it reaches "Fuerza Natural", the last album by Cerati, where many synthesize its majesty.

And in the middle, the return of historic Stereo Soda with the international tour "Me verás volver". The inside of the return and reconstruction of the band, is one of the most spicy ingredients of the route.

His mother kept Gustavo Cerati's photos and awards at the house where he grew up.

One of the weakest moments of the special is towards the end. That is that, Although he had certain weaknesses and health problems that he experienced before suffering a stroke in 2010, he dealt with the topic above and did not investigate the unexpected results he had after a concert in Venezuela and that he held for four years on board.

However, "Bios" fulfills its mission: to show material that is unique and unknown from artists, to present the personality and life of one of Argentina's most important musicians, whose music is felt to be nonexistent.

Premiere on cable

The the third chapter of "BIOS. Life that marks yours", dedicated to Gustavo Cerati, will be delivered today at 22 on the Nat Geo screen. Provided On Sunday 2 December there will be a marathon with chapters Charly García, Alex Lora, and Cerati.

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