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Gustavo Alfaro's reflection on Argentine football: "I am ashamed and disgusting"

Gustavo Alfaro He gave a press conference after the last Hurricane training, which prepared to receive Defense and Justice on Monday by the Superliga.

Parque Patricios fell badly with a classic delay with San Lorenzo (suspended with a date to confirm) and so said Alejandro Nadur, president of the agency, who complained to the Superliga authorities for not finding a duel with Hurricane in the future.

Trainer Globe has been improved in the management of the entity that regulates the maximum division of national football, to the AFA and also to Conmebol. Among their best phrases, they stand out:

· "I see that the AFA wants to destroy the Argentine national team, the Argentine Superliga, we all destroy icons like Boca, we allow it to be issued, that we cannot regulate it in our country, when we are proud to say we will play the final with the two biggest teams in Argentine football "

· "We allow ourselves to steal classics, they rob us of something like Argentina as if tomorrow they say we can't dance more tango or on Corrientes Street theaters are no longer allowed".

· "The Boca River is something very original from national creatures that we cannot allow to make in Doha, that the president of Boca and the River have a sign of greatness"

· "Placing me a medal by winning the championship on the table has no value. The suspension for pepper spray is bad, but the river has nothing to do with it. You should play the game "

· "They opened my head (with stones) on the Rosario Central pitch and, as a goal, the game continued, because I said to follow it and I would do it again. They gave me 13 minutes (time off), they threw me two players, they scored an offside goal and I lost, I do Boludo that I do following the game? No, because that's what fits "

· "As a soccer player, I am ashamed and disgusted with football. We can't allow this. We become accomplices because we respond to interests "

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