Guillermo Dietrich justified the rate increase: "Live pepa and everything is free from Kirchner in the end we pay all"


In this context, the Minister of Transportation, Guillermo Dietrich, acknowledging that it was not pleasant to make this announcement, but considered that there was no other way after the government inheritance led by Cristina Kirchner until 2015.

"This problem must improve setbacks; It's live pepa and everything is free, in the end we pay all. If that doesn't happen, this won't happen"The official said," all this is a consequence of many factors, including Argentina, which we received, "he said.

"We have a government that is almost without energy or infrastructure. Without this (tariff adjustment), many people today will not have the light, "Dietrich said in a dialogue with Luis Novaresio on the radio Network.

As for there will likely be more improvements in 2019the minister pointed out that he understood that light and gas had reached the equilibrium point, but he clarified that in transportation areas the reality was different.

"There is a part of inflation, because costs are increasing, the other is the need to correct this imbalance for years where levels are not touched, with poor quality systems that are fully subsidized," he explained.


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