Guillermina Valdés revealed her conversation with her two daughters after parting ways with Sebastián Ortega


Guillermina Valdés is honest and counts for the first time his conversation with his two daughters, Paloma and Helena, when he separated from Sebastián Ortega and began a relationship with Marcelo Tinelli.

"When I was in all the media quilombos, after separating, it was said that Marcelo had gone with a woman from. & # 39; she treats her mother as a woman & # 39;. For a daughter to see that your mother was called like that is difficult. Too, I am nobody", The businesswoman said in an interview with the magazine Hello Argentina.

The model also commented the support he has on behalf of his children when, apart from the producer, he began a relationship with Tinelli: "They knew that I was divorced, that I had made a two-year duel, because they saw it; and his father was in pairs. When you had a daughter who, in this situation, was clear and reflective , I feel that there is something left over from what we are talking about. Paloma and Helena have freedom of expression and think that they are building up during these years, for the things they live in, often painful ".

"They are very revolutionary. I like it. I feel that something must be done, I always talk to them. Even for the situation I live in, "concluded Valdés, who had a relationship with a television host six years ago and the fruit of love was Lorenzo, the youngest of the Tinelli clans.


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