Guido Süller recorded a video of the room where he was detained – 01/21/2019


Accustomed to telling the details of his life – good and bad – Guido Süller recorded a moving video from his Instagram account, where he told almost fifty thousand followers about the health moment he was experiencing.

Guido with his mother Nélida.

Guido with his mother Nélida.

"I want to tell you that I am in the Austral hospital and that … something happened to me, it must be autoimmune", brother of Silvia Süller.

"My whole face is swollen. I hold many responsibilities with my mother. I spent six months living with him, practically 24 hours and parents became quite cruel for years, adding to the problems I had at Centenario, Neuquén I will drive a carnival and people start insulting me … and I'm popular because I like people to love me, "he explained as a number of causes of hospitalization.

"I don't want anything else, for that I study architecture and I do other things. Now I will do a CT scan of the face and stay on the plane the doctor just told me, "he closed his testimony with a broken voice.

The video has twenty thousand reproductions in a few hours and many comments about the encouragement of followers and fans, who hoped he would recover quickly and show their love for him.

It must be remembered that in October last year, Guido was immediately operated on at Las Lomas Sanatorium after being detected four tumors in your body: one on the chest, one on the shoulder and two on the back.

On that occasion he told me the details of evolution on his Facebook account, "They have operated on me, they treated me very well at Sanatorio de las Lomas. I think everything is going well. The public is my second family. I love you so much, thank you for … "


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