Saturday , October 23 2021

Gremio requested exemplary sanctions for River


Amid the scandal for the possibility of a Superclassic suspension scheduled for 5pm a new actor appeared, Guild President of the Brazilian team, Romanian Bolzan, again aiming at the team led by Rodolfo DOnofrio. This time because of an incident that occurred on the arrival of the bus that moved the players from Mouth and even requested that the Millionaire be expelled from the competition Conmebol

"What happened this Saturday and here in Porto Alegre will give at least a few years of punishment for River in international competitions, comment the Brazilian team president in a declaration with his country's press. "The same thing that happened here in Porto Alegre is happening," said the Brazilian club president, who became famous in Argentine football, after the semifinals between his club and Millionaire.

On the other hand, the leader of the club from southern Brazil, aims against the leaders and fans of Nez's team. " Fans River and the club has lost their credit in football in South America, "said the president's leader, who is still the current Copa Libertadores de América champion and who was eliminated by a team led by Marcelo Gallardo in the pre-final stage.

On the other hand, Bolzan I also aim against the South American Football Confederation, which has been criticized by the whole world of football. "The Conmebol, who was supposed to organize the championship, finally disrupted the competition, "said the president, who since the elimination of his team was very critical of the body that regulates South American football and Millionaire.

Strained relationship between Gremio and River starting after the Copa Libertadores semifinals. In the Brazilian set they understood the attitude of Marcelo Gallardo, who went down to the dressing room when suspended, as a result of a disruption and asking for points. Conmebol did not cause that request and now Bolzan request River sanctions.

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