Got sound and injury problems: "I have never risked the players"


Racing Club technical director, Eduardo Coudet, clarified today that he will wait until the last moment to confirm the team that will visit on Sunday at Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata for the number of injuries the squad has.

"We have seven victims, I think I have never had to suffer so much injury together in the squad. I will take time until the last moment to determine the team, maybe until Sunday. I have never risked touching players", said the coach at a press conference.

The players who have doubts in Racing are: Matías Zaracho, Renzo Saravia, Chili Eugenio Mena and Marcelo Díaz, Alexis Soto, Augusto Solari and goalkeeper Gabriel Arias.

"On Sunday we have to show that we are strong as a group. In long tournaments, these moments are presented. We will try to impose conditions like we always do but we know that we will have opposing difficult opponents", he stressed.

When asked about a football player's contract extension, Coudet stressed that he intended "to follow what they are today."

"We must focus on gymnastics. We cannot see further," he said.


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