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Google Photos allows you to change the perspective of the image

One function that can be more useful when editing photos is perspective correction. This allows us to modify the image taken in a slanted manner and leave it as if we had taken it zenithically.

Good examples are photos of documents, sheets and various papers. Usually they are not done in harmony and fit so it is necessary to fix them.




For this reason, Google has updated Google Photos with a function called Crop Document.

How to use the new perspective correction function

Contrary to what the name suggests, this tool is not only an option that allows us to crop images, but allows us to do it freely. That is, we do not choose a rectangle to remove the rest, but four points and what is in it is modified to fit the new rectangle. That is what makes perspective true.

To use this function, we must:

  • Open image
  • Click the second icon on the function bar.
  • Select the fourth icon (dot matrix icon).
  • Select the Trim document option.

There we can choose four document points to be photographed so that we have an image exclusively from paper.

As we mentioned, this also serves to improve perspective in the image that is distorted by the position we take. This photo of the Munich city hall is a good example. To straighten a tower, we must move the top point so that the sides of the clipping box are aligned with the elements, in this case the lines of architectural work.

After finishing, we save the image and get it with a modified perspective. Of course, if you want to save both, make a copy before saving changes.

This is possible with the latest Google Photos update that is already on the Google Play Store, version 4.26.

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