In recent years, phishing has become a very efficient technique for stealing information. This procedure consists of posing as a person or trust institution for users to enter personal data on a fake website. Although there are various ways to cheat people, email is the most popular. Google knows the situation and wants to prevent further attacks.

Jigsaw, a technology incubator belonging to people from Mountain View, launch a tool that tests your ability to identify phishing campaigns. You can access it from the following link, it is also available on mobile devices and does not need to enter real data. They claim that "every day millions of people click on fake links" from emails, which are designed to steal passwords or download malware.

The questionnaire, which consists of eight challenges, invites users to indicate whether an open e-mail is valid or wrong. If not hit, The web shows what are the characteristics to recognize a trap. This tool is used as a reference for security training carried out with 10,000 journalists, activists and political leaders.

Google's goal is that people are aware of the problem that phishing represents and, therefore, be more careful with the message they receive. Most think that this attack is very easy to identify, however, cyber criminals have perfected their techniques unnoticed.

For example, they use massive attacks on Google Docs users in 2017, or e-mails used by Russian hackers spying on Hillary Clinton's election campaign in 2016. "Phishing is by far the most common cyber attack, and one percent of the emails sent today are phishing attempts," the company said.