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Google has just patented a safer Apple Face variant

Google Face ID Patent

Wednesday this new patent registered by Google has announced the company's intention combining technology similar to Apple's Face ID, in the next terminal.

According to a patent entitled Lighting projectors with patterns based on arrays, Google will work on an infrared light system that is capable of detecting objects, basically the basis of face recognition technology used by Apple on the iPhone, by Huawei at Mate 20 Pro and on some Xiaomi terminals, but that Pixel line is still lacking.

However, the documents reviewed by Patently Apple show that Google proposes new things that go beyond detecting user identities, because that can also be used for determine the location of an object that includes a light detector in relation to other objects. For example, it will be able to read the location of the user's hand, in relation to other parts of the body where the light is inscribed, able to detect movements and perform functions based on them.

Apart from its use in cellphone use, Google that this system can be useful in various applications for detect the location of an object in an environment. This application can include tracking the location of drones, for example.

A safer face ID version from Google

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In March, information from Reuters informed that the majority of cellphones with Android had to wait until 2019 to duplicate the function of the 3D sensors behind the security of Apple's Face ID, according to the three main producers of the piece. At that time, it was stated that part of the delay was caused by Lack of surface vertical cavities that emit lasers, or supply VCSEL needed for implementation. Even so, Google has decided to start work.

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