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Gonzalo "Pity" Martínez, this year's Argentine player: the history of the reconstruction of football that fell in love with River fans

Gonzalo Martínez He fled, took the index finger of his left hand to his mouth and, after converting his true aim to Quilmes, asked for silence to the fans at Monumental. This is February 8, 2016 and few imagine the (noble) results of the story between "Poor" and "Millionaire" fans.

The attitude of soccer players is far from being before and after in relation to the public in Núñez. On the contrary, it did nothing but deepen criticism of his personality. Murmur who came down from the stands and who questioned their level of football turned towards claiming his challenging attitude.

However, something began to happen in the field of play. The bombardment in the corner (the first of two goals in the afternoon) in a 5-1 victory over "El Cervecero" was the first approach to "Poor" will be a figure and reference set Marcelo Gallardo.

Coach River, without a doubt, is a fundamental factor in the transformation of Mendoza. In the same way he has successfully released the best version of many players during the cycle, "El Muñeco" also applies his knowledge to maximize the capabilities of the previous Storm. Even though this skill is often questioned, the coach always knows the potential he is directing.

Gonzalo Nicolás Martínez arrived at River in January 2015, in return for 4.5 million dollars for 75% of his bait. At that time, "spoiled children" of the river area were Leonardo Pisculichi. The quality and main goal of the former Argentina player in June overshadowed the "poor man", who also offered a good position as a cover letter.

The former "Globo" was charged a fee to win possession in the early days of actor Núñez. Their actions are not convincing and his evil villain – the gambler who made himself show off in the Tomás area of ​​Adolfo Ducó – often culminating in poor resolution: he clashed with opponents' defendants and failed to produce relations with his team-mates.

That was in 2016 at that time football recovery process. Gallardo is the new player's craftsman in which he becomes "El Pity". The coach not only reaffirmed his trust repeatedly, but also instilled in him what the team needed from him. "DT really helped me, it was not easy for me to stop, he saw that I would give up at some point," the player said in a recent interview.

With hard work and perseverance, Martinez accepted the challenge, changed, and paid more than that from the coach. He became a much more cerebral soccer player. He raised his head and began meeting his friends. Without losing the taste of an individual's magical touch, he privileges his contribution to the collective. He also developed tactical discipline and position and intelligence which became the basis for overall team performance. From that, he was awarded with unconditional recognition from fans.

A separate chapter in this love story with supporters of "Millionaires" is Duel against Boca. "Poor" found on the cross before classic rivals incentives to assert his leadership and strength. A great volley at Bombonera for the local tournament, a penalty at Supercopa in Mendoza, another volley declared to the first by the Superliga and an unforgettable run towards the empty arch at the Santiago Bernabéu. All of these conquests mean victory and, in addition, they get players of the creation of tribute songs. That "How crazy he is" is a hit that will resonate even when the (first?) cycle of players at the club is closed.

Technical quality, goals against Boca and in important matters, and titles won (eight in four years) They put "Pity" on Olympus from a large number of "10" Rivers. In what, perhaps, the most successful cycle in the history of the club, Mendoza has the responsibility of carrying shirts with a lot of history and demand. Not being born in an institution can also be a requirement. However, He went from small to large and finally received confession (and idolatry) from the plain of the river.

His performance did not escape the attention of the coach (at that time) from the Argentine team, Lionel Scaloni, which quoted him at the beginning of the post-World 2018 cycle and gave him the responsibility of holding the team. Injuries are prevented River players can have continuity with blue and white shirts, but credit is open for the future facing the Copa América Brazil 2019 and possible partnership with Lionel Messi, if Rosarino decides to return to the national cast.

"He is a player who is qualified to play in the Premier League"Gallardo said when asked about the transfer of Martinez to Atlanta United from MLS United States. "Poor", from 25 years, chose that goal because it was the strongest offer to come to the club for his bait, but he did not lose hope of going up to a higher level of football. "Every player wants to go to Europe, but I know that tomorrow they will pick me up and pay more than I paid because I believe in my condition," he said.

The 2018 midfielder was so extraordinary that the British newspaper "The Guardian" chose him among the 100 best players of the year (That's 94 °). He is the only representative from local football who gets services to enter the list. In addition, he won an award America's best player in the traditional award given by the newspaper "El País" from Uruguay.

The story of overcoming this cannot end with that a penalty against Al Ain which prevented River from winning the match and accessing the Club World Cup final against Real Madrid. Two goals against Japan's Kashima Antlers – especially the second – in a duel for third place is a far more appropriate closure for the "Poor" cycle at River. The celebration at Monumental because of getting the Copa Libertadores against Boca worked as dessert strawberries for infidelity between players and fans.

"I will miss you". Those are four words that Martinez repeat until full after the final at the Bernabéu. He said they were in Madrid, in the United Arab Emirates and in Núñez. He told them to his teammates and fans. He always said them with tears in his eyes.

His destination for recreation in Boca on the Monumental page was the last function of "Pity" with a red ribbon on his chest. River fans hope it's not farewell, but see you later, and that in a few years it might echo back in his stands that "How crazy he is …".

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