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Geraldine Neumann recounts the situation he lives with Ariel Rodríguez Palacios

Last week, Geraldine Neumann surprised by strong complaints on social networks. "My husband sent this message to Ariel Rodríguez Palacios because he knows how bad I am and some people compañeras when we work for ¡Qué mañana! In Canal 9", the model shown in a Instagram.

"I never said it because I tried to keep my profile low in my career, but psychological abuse, abuse and abuse of power had to end, I exposed it so that no woman would go through it working with @arielrodriguezpalacios", added Nicole's sister.

This Thursday, after making a presentation at the Special Fiscal Unit on Violence Against Women, Geraldine He spoke with Pamela in the afternoon and gave details about the trials he had to go through when he worked with Palacios.

"I am quite mobilized, it is not easy for me, the reality is the hardest part is" enough, I will say it ", and to find out what happened, terrible messages arrived, it seems we haven't learned anything., Gege started

"Many people came out to defend it, but I did not criticize it, I shared my experience and I knew people who also passed it in other programs or cooking with it", he assured him later.

And he added: "There are things that bother me, the first few weeks of the program there are things that make me uncomfortable … Parade and point my tail, ask if I have fun at night", revealed the model, next to the reelatar that the man wanted to feed him & # 39; in avioncito & # 39; and that again, try using it as a model to compare different types of fat in cattle.

"I told him that I was disappointed with & # 39; the joke & # 39; the answer was' yes, nothing happened & # 39; then he would not say hello and I had to disrobe, when I left the program, they don't renew me because the relationship can't be maintained. six times you don't like something … ", he maintains.

"In my last program, I cried, because I didn't want to lose my job and it seemed unfair, I wanted to say goodbye and they said yes, but that day I couldn't open my mouth, they never let me speak in the air", he said later.

"He cut the camera and I was angry, I told him everything I thought about him in front of everyone, especially handling it with women, he couldn't relate without a two-way joke, I trembled after that," Geraldine concluded.

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