Saturday , October 16 2021

G20: The government activates a round of zone-based negotiations to protest against the Summit

Protests in Hamburg (Germany) were the precursor to marches against the G20 summit.

Protests in Hamburg (Germany) were the precursor to marches against the G20 summit.

Within a week of the summit of the G20 leaders, the The government starts negotiations with the leaders of the organization social rights, trade unions, politics and human rights to approve the area where the main march will take place on the event.

In this context, the Government warned the organization They cannot reach the Obelisk, because they initially edged. It happened that a possible route in which the organization was intended to march was in the "limitation and closure" zone formed to realize the event.

Chief of staff of the Department of Security, Gerardo Milman, presided over a meeting at the headquarters of the Peace and Justice Service (Serpaj), with the head of the agency, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel; Mother member of the Plaza de Mayo-Fundadora Line Nora Cortiñas; and ATE's secretary general, Hugo "Cachorro" Godoy, among others.

For the time being, the official was allowed to answer on Tuesday if the Independence ban could be carried out to Rivadavia, so mobilization could be carried out via Avenida de Mayo, between its intersections with 9 de Julio and Congress.

"The organizations want us to be guaranteed all security and no provocation so that the 29th People's Summit with tents can be held in Congress and March 30 and concentrate," Godoy said, explaining that "in principle" the official told them there was no problem to camp on Thursday.

The union leader explained that chief of staff Patricia Bullrich was also concerned about the intimidation that was in the country, the oppression at the Legislature on Thursday and the occupation of La Matanza where the murder of a landlord ".

Representatives from two CTAs, the Clasista and the Combativa Current (CCC), Partido Obrero, the Socialist Workers Movement (MST) and the Socialist Workers Party (PTS), all members of Confluencia, also participated in the meeting. Out G20.

This is the first meeting between the Government and the organization scheduled to demonstrate against the G20 on Friday 30, after Minister Bullrich announced last week that he would start talks to reach consensus on protest.

"We will not allow acts of violence and those who want to cross the line will have to face the criminal consequences of that action," Bullrich warned Tuesday when he announced a restriction zone in the city.

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