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Fuel sales grew 7% in October, but fell almost 3% this year – 11/29/2018

After almost 70% of the price goes up, fuel sales rose 7% in October, compared to September. However, they register a year-on-year fall 2.85%. This official data will be confirmed during November, according to several oil companies consulted. "The floor was reached in September, from there came repairs and remained in November, "entered the company.

As happens throughout the year, "premium" fuels are the ones that benefit most from certain reactivations. His office increased 4% in October, but still they are 28% below in comparison to year in case of "premium" naphtha. The highest solar quality is 6% lower than in 2017.

The total volume of gasoline delivered in October 2018 is 4% lower than in the same month of 2017. For diesel, the decrease is slightly above 2%.

The price of "premium" fuel has increased by almost 75% this year. That caused the sales to decline in an unusual way. In the Executive Branch, they maintain that higher octane gasoline prices must go through reductions (10% mentioned, but with other dollar quotes) starting in December. For oil, oil companies say that this number is still late and that the increase will almost be a fact.

However, last October's increase was recorded in the type of fuel delivered. 33% is a higher category, compared to 28% who chose these products in the same month of 2017.

Diesel averaged 32.54 in October for YPF, while fuel "premium" was shipped at $ 38.51. The "super" of the largest oil company in the country is $ 36.76, while the premium is marketed at $ 43.47.

Price corrections for November are lower and change. Axion points to and points to more than 5%, in line with what Shell did later. But YPF is cut by 2.5% recomposition. Because the increase was lower than its competitors, Axion and Shell reversed and retraced their increase to the magnitude of YPF,

"There is a 30% migration of clients from our flag to YPF ", claimed to be an executive who asked not to be identified. "There is also pressure from Executive Power to state oil companies to make the increase in November smaller," they said in another company. In the Government and YPF deny that this friction exists.

The November rally was the lightest: the super reached $ 37.59, while the premium rose 54 cents to $ 44.01.

Despite two months to determine, oil companies estimate that fuel deliveries this year could be higher than last year. December's behavior will be unbalanced.

The release of Oil, the oil company Cristóbal López, The brands that make up the market also have an effect. YPF's market share rose from 53.75% to 54.85%, according to data from the Cecha room on information provided by the Energy Secretariat. The Shell brand (now in the hands of Brazilian Raizen) lost several markets: from 20.93% to 20.54%. Axion grew from 12.25% to 13.91%. The last flag has always tried to have the same amount as YPF, but in the past few months it has been a little off the mark and is in the middle between the leader and Shell.

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