Saturday , October 23 2021

From changarín to millionaire: who is the head of the River bar they attacked this morning


In every legal case he must submit, he said live from changas. Angry changas must have Héctor Godoy, boss of a brave bar River, to justify wealth in his power: who is man to whom City Police he just kidnapped him 7 million pesos at his home in San Miguel, in an attack issued by the prosecutor Norberto Brotto, who investigated the resale of tickets at club millionaires since last April.

There, in that place, division Criminal Behavior of the Police he also found almost 300 locations for tomorrow's meeting, tickets will be tested to find out whether they are right or wrong, even though at the first eye examination they give the sensation of being genuine. And if it's added that Godoy's group always contributes 300 men to Sívori are popular, just lost the locker for singing bingo. The investigation also put the club in the eyes of the storm, because it would be difficult to explain how capo was The Drunkards Board have lots of tickets on behalf of partners that cannot be transferred.

Now who Godoy and how did he become the head of the bar? Nicknamed Cavern – according to his critics with his way of thinking and resolving conflicts with methods that fled from the word -, he entered the pulpit in the late 90s, when famous groups from "The Yogurges", because they were insulted calling Patovic's physical bars trained at the club's gymnasium and driven by Adrián Rousseau and Alan Schlenker.

The faction took over the Monumental in 2002 and the accumulation of power has the following direction: Cavern is one of seven chosen by the president's board of directors Aguilar to place them as permanent employees with sidereal salaries, which will be a way to wash the income earned by the field business.

Until the 2006 World Cup, the group was monolithic. But upon his return, for reasons of money and power, it began to crack and finally exploded in March 2007, in the famous "battle of quinchos", when they face shots inside the club.

Cavern at that time on the side Adrián Rousseau and a few months later he found that he had made the right decision. Even though after the fight it's a group Schlenker who led rostrum, in August 2007 after the crime Gonzalo Acro power back to Rousseau, but because he could no longer enter court, he ordered his lieutenants, Godoy and Martín Araujo, they will push the paravalancha.

In less than two years, both are made with real strength and accumulated during management Passarella all existing and existing businesses.

He then had several court cases, such as attacks on lower player representatives, from which he appeared unscathed. He has entered correctly for the 2007/08 season, but after arranging bar support to advertise in the program court Football for Everyone, in 2009 the name disappeared from the forbidden list. And then the power is almost absolute.

In March 2014 he was arrested along with the dome bar in the Monumental together 200 cards yours, tickets for resale, facas, pepper gas and 12 cellphones, but the cause ends with nothing due River decided not to act as a victim.

In November of the same year, before Superclásico for Copa Sudamericana, Cavern stabbed by his internal rival at the Monumental candy store, when they went to find the ticket he handled for that important match that would win the team from Gallardo doll and that would be a precursor to consecration in South America.

Even at the expense of what happened, the wound barely healed, Godoy go back to the pulpit and do its job: in 2015, an excuse was opened with infidel employees from the club for the alleged resale of tickets that were obtained on behalf of members who died or those aged over 95 years., cause that is processed without news in court over instructions dPalmaghini octora. And a year later it was finally processed by Judge Caunedo to participate in a circuit ticket sales to cheat the club.

After that, entered the list of acceptance rights imposed by the Safe Tribune program.

Those who believe that it will be setback, are wrong. From the outside, Godoy He keeps driving everything. Even now Libertadores Cup he can see it in all matches played abroad, lead the bar. In the semifinals with Guild in Porto Alegre, He leads the bus caravan and is inside the stadium, in classification River to the final. And all tickets always go through his hand.

But what Godoy I didn't know that since April prosecutors Norberto Brotto has started a cause by being sold back to the bar River from the Moreno area. And investigations, by eye wiretapping and inspection, lead the leader once again.

Considering the size of the business of tomorrow's match, everything is accelerated and today they stormed their home. There Cavern the one who was supposed to live from changas, was almost five million pesos and 300 entries. He had to explain to the Judge about the origin of money that seemed to come from football rather than from drama and painting, in a lash that, if there were no direct decisions and politics, was far from over.

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