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Free download of Super Meat Boy in Epic Games Store only for a limited time

Digital shop Epic game It's here to stay. Attack on the throne where today they are accommodated Valve and steam It's not easy, but parents from the Fortnite phenomenon know that, and they also have money and desires. For this reason, the platform has taken a series of steps to provide strength in its first step. Among them, he promised to give two games a month are completely free, and this December touches Subnautica and Super Meat Boy. The second of them available starting today to download.

Super Meat Boy will be free for all Epic Games Store users between December 28 and January 10, 2019. Two weeks to download such an iconic platform, one of the most addictive indies of the decade, and games that often produce beautiful feelings want to throw the knob out the window.

How to download Super Meat Boy for free

To get Super Meat Boy, it's enough for us to register in the store, enter and go to the product page. This is not about renting, or opening up temporarily, but it will be ours forever.

The title has a Overall price of 13.99, although at present it is among the bargains and discounts from the Christmas Steam offer, where you can buy for 1.39 euros.

Although it's difficult that no version of the title falls into your hands, that has become part of PS Plus, Simple Bundle some and all types prizes and discounts, still a golden opportunity to be discovered – or rediscovered – ours favorite cacho meat. Especially if we take it into account in 2019 the sequel will arrive, Super Meat Boy FOREVER.

For the parts, the Epic Game Store he not only reached its peak based on giving games, but also through his exclusive release. All statements of intention faced a 2019 movidito for Valve and Epic.

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