Fortnite players will receive the "Take the Elf" prize in early 2019 –


Fortnite not for Christmas, proof of this is an ongoing Christmas event, called 14 days Fortnite.

This event presents a daily challenge and the players who handle it will receive prizes. Today's prize, day 8, dance "Take the Elf", "Go, Pringao" Christmas, where the character, instead of making an L with his hand, holds a piece of mistletoe.

The problem arises when many users, after overcoming challenges, have not received their gifts, so they have decided to report a failure. In dealing with all these claims, Epic game has announced, through his Twitter account, that the players they will receive this dance in early 2019.

We have identified a problem with the Take The Elf movement that made it not sent to the players after completing the challenge on Day 8. We will give this prize to all the players who won it early next year.

What do you think you are a person who has not received a prize?



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