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Florencia Peña began to cry after her strong cross with De Brito in Bailando: "Hasta hasta es bien"

Partners in the contest jury maintain a strong round trip. The video

Florencia Peña cried after crossing strongly with De Brito on Dancing

The cross that happened on the runway Dance 2018 They are not only among the participants. The judges also took center stage and aroused sparks among themselves with the scathing they gave. This is the case Elngel de Brito, Which arouses anger Flor Peña Live

"You can match, share, dissent … but give the same replacement? Come one day and that's all." Plagiarism coaches and plagiarize judges are back. Clearly, Flor is the one copied from Laurita Fernández. It's very funny and fun, but loose, "he punished De Brito with dialogue. The Show Specialist.

Flor Peña: "I received criticism for my patience and I overcame all the criticisms that came to me in all respects, I think until this point is fine, I will not question the capacity that elngel must have there or his capacity as journalist. "

But the object was not there. Asked by these remarks, the jury made a strong disclaimer: "The truth is that I learned from the press that Angel has a problem with me. I come from a world where actors don't go to the press to say & # 39; this actor is in the job is loose. & # 39; If it seems I am weak as a judge and have something to give me, ask my dressing room to touch the door and chat what I need"

"I don't need to destroy a partner. We are the authority in this game. I am a person who must print a boy and if Angel says I am bad or plagiarism with my partner (Laurita Fernández), open the game so that anyone can make a national debate to see whether I am serving or not, "he added.

And he continued: "I don't need to explain who I am. I finance the critics because they are my simplicity and I arrived until I passed all the criticisms that came to me in everything. From my political thoughts to the way I live my life. I think until this point it's fine. I will not question Angel's ability to sit there or his capacity as a journalist. I never did it and I did not like that they did it for me ".

De Brito: "You make me a victim to make me look like a bad person in a movie, I am not a fake, I say things on my face, to me you are slack as a jury and that is my opinion, I am sorry, and that does not insult you "

In turn, the Los Angeles de la Mañana driver replied: "For me, we can all think of everyone, for that we are free. If you have a problem talking to production because of your partner program (Marcelo Polino), the Special Event Specialist came to ask me. Don't offend me. "

"Don't mistreat me because I don't persecute you, I really respect you," said Peña. Where the driver added: "I did not hurt you. You become a victim to make me look like a bad person in a movie. I am not fake, I say things on the face. For me you are loose as a jury and that is my opinion, I'm sorry. And it doesn't become rude. "

"For me what matters is that we have a good relationship outside this chair. And I don't understand why I find people I love and who don't have fun telling me & # 39; why do they treat you like this? & # 39;. I don't think I deserve it, "closed, Florence, sobbing.

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