Flor de la Ve "passed the bill" to Rial for not defending him against Maradona's complaint: Jorge's response


The actress did not hide her discomfort, after a discriminatory attack Ten enter Intruder. And he has an immediate replica!

An unusual pass from Flor de la Ve to Rial in Intruders for not keeping it in his record with Diego Maradona

Tired of being targeted by discriminatory actions and sayings, Florence from Ve give him a cellphone for Jorge Rial to clarify some, after the note gave him Diego Maradona a Intruder, where he attacked him absurdly on the side of his sexuality.

During the scathing minutes he offered to De la Ve, the former soccer player called him "Florencio", annoyed with the analysis he did in Night flower, for City Magazine, about his approach to Verónica Ojeda

Far from letting him go and after announcing his inconvenience to Rial for not stopping Maradona's words, the actress took advantage of his hands to join hands with reporters to pass the bill.

"It took me a long time to find out who was talking because it started talking about you treating you as a man … I thought I was talking about politics, Florencio Randazzo," said Rial.

"We have installed this patriarchy, we have sexist violence, which is still among the cotton, because I will tell the truth, humbly, I want another type of defense the day he speaks. Because I know what he did to you, I know what he says and not just you. Moreover, for Flavio Mendoza You take it out of the air. That's what happened to me, that's why I talked about deconstruction, we must exclude all this from patriarchy and fight this type of violence, "Florencia said, while Rial listened very seriously.

Then, after an uncomfortable moment, the driver replied, "I want to answer about that, first of all I need a lot to get a thread that speaks because it starts talking about you as a man and doesn't know what's happening, five minutes then." In your program, I think you are talking about politics, Florencio Randazzo, do you see Diego going anywhere, but I said to him: "You are smarter than this, to get involved with Florencia sexuality." It's big enough and important enough to defend myself, and I want to explain that I was surprised by the attack on you because I didn't understand it, I didn't become stupid. "

"(Diego) is a very cruel man with all his ex and with women … We cannot guarantee his words As a communicator, our responsibility is more than important", added Flor.

Firm in his own defense, De la Ve listened to Rial and strengthened his criticism of Maradona: "Regardless of what we will say a lot, nothing justifies the attack on the sexuality of everyone … Someone can be offended by something We say, yes, clearly , and there is Justice to react, but we don't go to a low place and disrupt sexuality, we have lived it for years … And if this doesn't happen to me, we will have it there, make it a tribute, to a man who are very cruel to all their ex and with women, we naturalize violence, we cannot continue to support their words from television, as communicators, our responsibilities are more than important. "


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