Saturday , October 16 2021

Five years after the death of Ricardo Fort, Gustavo Martínez's emotional message

Ricardo Fort is a phenomenon that seizes TV. His life is full luxury and eccentricity They led him to become a media player with great prominence on the small screen. He began by showing lifestyle especially in a reality show, but he did not take long to grow – in a time record – as a figure. He is a participant and a jury of Dancing to dream, he led the show in Mar del Plata and even had his own program (Fort Night Show)

Even though he achieved the fame he had always dreamed of, the entrepreneur suffered strong pain for problems related to your column. He had to be operated on several times and he took medicine to be able to hold back the malaise. On November 25, 2013, he died after suffering a heart attack at the Trinidad Sanatorium, where he was hospitalized due to periprosthetic femur fractures.

Five years after goodbye, Gustavo Martínez, a former partner and teacher of his children, reminded him of messages moving on his Twitter. "We cannot understand that you are not here and the hardest part of all is how it affects your children." Yesterday Felipe saw a picture of where you were with him. I heard him crying. I miss you. I hugged him, I held him back and we cried together, "he wrote.

Guido Suller, who also has a sentimental relationship with business people, posted on his Instagram photos with Fort and a text in which he acknowledged the love he felt for him. "You live so much in me that I don't believe I won't see you again. 5 years without you I love you", said the media in the description of the image.

The final report of the Sanitarium of the Trinity states that he had an infection, which made his condition difficult. "He remained clinically stable and suddenly showed a heart attack associated with large digestive bleeding that caused his death even though the resuscitation maneuver was carried out (he had a common infection)," said the medical report released on the day you left.

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