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five alternatives to spend the summer

From bonds in dollars and pesos, to a certain period of time, analysts arrange their ideal portfolio to travel the first part of next year

This balance of 2018 has been concluded for financial markets and capital markets, both international and local, leaving a bitter taste for analysts and investors.

At least for the first part of next year, everything shows that the market will continue to operate in conditions of real volatility, which is why the City recommends acting cautiously.

Among the points that suggest monitoring include the progress of the program with the IMF and its direct consequences at the activity level, and everything inherent in the election year.

In this context, analysts recommend various investment alternatives:

Dollar bonds

Experts recommend Lete obtained in primary tenders (with a yield of 4.5% per year); Bonar 2024 (AY24), with an interest coupon of 8.75% and an IRR greater than 14%, which in 2019 began to return capital. Also, the 2019 Duo, nominated in dollars and with performance related to both currencies.

Bonds in pesos

Treasury bills in pesos (Spreads) ending in March: they pay an annual rate of 45%; Bogato 2019 adjusts inflation and pays CER + 12.23%.

Among subsovereigns, in the City they focus on the titles of the provinces of Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Neuquén or Córdoba.

Fixed term

The yield of fixed time deposits at first-line banks is around 45% per year. According to La Nación, they have a counter: You cannot get out of investment, that is, have liquidity, until the expiration date, even if a short period can be made.

As expected, the rate tends to be slow down, to take advantage of this performance must paralyze capital around 180 days.

Mutual funds

The biggest advantage for placing savings is that it is a portfolio managed by professionals. You can enter with a very low investment (of $ 1,000) and there are funds for all types of risks, compared to the fixed term (money market) and fixed income funds (bonds) in pesos or dollars.

"When we look ahead, we analyze what happened with the FED, and we see that the detachment increase in the US is not over, which is why international assets are expected to lose value, so if we add the national context to the selection and increase of levels by FED, we recommend continuing to look for short-term fixed income funds such as Alpha Global Fixed Income. In fact, we see very good horizons for fixed income but clarify very important aspects: with a very short portfolio, "said Fabián Ciarlotti, ICBC Wealth Management Head.


This is a high-risk investment. The context of low economic activity and high inflation will hamper the company's profit growth in 2019, as happened in 2018. However, there are companies that cite low prices after this year's correction.

Under the premise includes a number of bets that are not widely evaluated, given the current market transit, from Proficio they suggested adding Mirgor's paper.

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