Fede Bal condemned Juan Darthés and talked about the roughness of Calu Rivero – 28/12/2018


After a successful theater debut in Mar del Plata Once again together, love magazines show where Federico Bal fulfills his dream of acting and directs his parentsthe young man gave him a cellphone Intruder (America, Monday to Friday at 13) where he reviews current labor, personal and national issues.

In that context, he talked about cross claims with him Barbie Vélez, his former colleague, who denounced him for gender violence. "That problem for me was left behind because the Judge gave the verdict"he said.

That's the way He thought of what had happened to Juan Darthés and judicial causes and mediators faced by actors. "Because of Juan's theme, I cannot comment because it happened to all of us as Argentines This was a huge pain for Thelma and our support for the woman who was abused", it starts.

"Obviously women must speak and it is truly amazing what the women's group Actrices Argentinas is doing, "he said.

But the strongest came later, when he directly asked Darthés for leaving the country. "I think it's incredible that Juan has traveled and that gives the impression that he is a guilty man. Leave the country and not face the consequences in your country, where they talk about you, talk about a man who has something to hide. The pain of Thelma shows that it is real and does not have to be found, it is a woman ".

At that moment Marcela Tauro That reminded him of Calu Rivero's attitude, who left the We Can Speak (PH, Telefe) program because don't want to share a table with two "shakers" when they told him that among the guests were Fede Bal and El Polaco.

"I finished the program and I ran to the airport to go to Los Angeles to watch a movie. I am with my head on something else, but when I stopped at the first airport I got a message saying that he was not sitting at a table for Poles and for me"

"I understand and respect his position, but I tell Calu that everything is not what he thinks. To me, I tried to prove and clean my image from something they installed that was not visible. But if he continues his belief, he is perfect and I have nothing to say to him. "

"I wasn't interested in sending him a message and I appreciated his position if he didn't want to share the program with me. I told him that he was a little wrong because everything was not what he thought"

Caring for each of his words, and looking nervous about the situation, he closes with politically correct sentences: he has the right to say what he wants. I appreciate your position and your campaign against Juan. I think it's a savage thing for women to talk and if they don't want to share with me, it's good that I don't do it. "


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