Fede Bal and Bianca Iovenitti together: tests that confirm summer romance


Romance of Fede Bal and Bianca Iovenitti, one of the young dancers who was part of the magazine Mar del Plata. There are people who say they are dating, but they prefer to say that they "know each other".

However, the evidence says otherwise. Sign in Angels in the morning They showed photos of the couple alone on the beach. After going to the bowling alley where they threw "a few steps" and, it was said, there were also kisses, they went to the beach without sleep.

There, after enjoying the sun and the sea, they sleep on the beach and share the tent that Fede Bal has rented in a beach resort. Mar del Plata.

Now, what happens next? Cinthia Fern├índez he asked: "At that time there was no one on the beach … Did they have sex on the beach?", where Bianca answered: "No, even though you don't believe, there were many people on the beach at that time."


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