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Fast! GOG shares SOMA for Linux

GOG provides SOMA videogames in their online store for Linux, but the offer will only last a few hours, so be quick to make sure you get a copy on time and don't have to pay for anything. You can access this link to get a free copy of SOMA for Linux. There are only a few hours left when publishing this article, so you have to hurry up soon after reading this news or you will be late …

The truth is that GOG is good at things video games and Linux support, so it's a good choice or alternative for Steam Valve stores. We also talked about Humble on several occasions, but at a lower level. There is almost always good news about video games with GNU / Linux support from Steam and GOG. Therefore, they are two places to consider.

For those who don't know this title, say it is a video game with attractive graphics and a horror story interesting enough It also mixes survival in a place on the seafloor, in a facility called PATHOS-II. Players will arrive at the station in ruins and you will soon realize that it is a group of stations around the North Atlantic to send objects into space. After a meteorite collision, these facilities became protection for the last survivors.

But now, a mystery is destroying the facilities that we have to find, and we will see it the machine has begun to develop very human characters. If you want to know more about videogames and you are interested in what you read, you know that the GOG now gives it to you for free. Don't miss this offer very well, because you don't always have an attractive title at a price of € 0. Run!

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