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"Enough, I can't with the video." Watch the footage that Jimena Barón shared!

Jimena Barón achieved what, a priori, would seem impossible: to take a leap from "cool" actresses, who worked for certain publics and were very selective, generally elitist, for popular artists, thanks to the huge impact of his hit "La tonta" , a song that everyone knows and who managed to reach homes throughout Argentina, from the noblest to the most humble, with spicy and very funny lyrics.

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Of course, this must be added to the decision of young women to participate in Dancing for a 2018 dream, which enabled him to get maximum media exposure because, thanks to his charm, charisma and sympathy, he quickly became one of the audience's favorites who were very passionate about his participation in the cycle and, more specifically, oral exchanges with Marcelo Tinelli.

As if all this is not enough, Jimena has a busy work schedule that includes her album presentations throughout the country, which takes her from one side to the other without a ceasefire taking time for her personal life, which does not prevent her from wearing a girlfriend with her dancer, which produces many rumors and Countless jokes on social networks (especially on Twitter and Facebook, the most popular).

It would be logical to think that such an active life would prevent actresses, models and singers from enjoying their charming little son, Morrison, better known as "Momo", but the opposite happened and in the videos and photos he uploaded to his account. Twitter can be seen a strong bond that unites them and guides them to enjoy unforgettable moments, away from the camera, in the privacy of their home or family.

However, loyal to his sincere militant style, Jimena has just shared a video and photo compilation with one of her fans uploaded where she can see some of the complicated moments she lives with, for example, when she tries to cut her hair and their results are not expected; when he takes off his shirt in a very unusual way or when, in the middle of a celebration, he accidentally falls to the ground. Look!

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