El Chaqueño Palavecino, is on stage at the Jesús María Festival


January 19, 2019 – 2:46
Chaqueño leads the grid. Salta Canto 4 and Cabales groups are also presented. This festival is broadcast live on Public Television.

Chaqueño Palavecino will become a star figure on the eighth night of the 54th edition of the Dressage Festival and the Folklore of Jesús María (Córdoba), which takes place at the amphitheater José Hernández. Tonight will also be the time of Salteños of Canto 4 and the rising Cabales group. In addition, the Salta delegation will arrive, led by broadcasters and animator Oscar Humacata, who will have 300 participants, to present the show "Salta en el Alma".


The box is complete with today's schedule

6:50 PM Hs La Pilarcita (15 & # 39;)

19.20 Hs Postal Duo (15 & # 39;)

19.50 Hs Doma (60 & # 39;)

20:50 Hs Bichito Echeverria (15 & # 39;)

21: 10hs Doma (40 & # 39;)

10:00 a.m. Opening hours

22:10 Hs Sing 4 (20 & # 39;)

22:35 Hs Doma (20 & # 39;)

23:00 Hs The 4 Strings (15 & # 39;)

11:15 PM Los Pampa (15 & # 39;)

23:30 Hs Doma (20 & # 39;)

11:50 p.m. Presentation of Salta in the Soul (20 & # 39;)

00:10 Salteña shares (15 & # 39;)

12:30 Hs Cabales (15 & # 39;)

12:50 Hs Doma (40 & # 39;)

1:40 Hs Chaqueño Palavecino (120 & # 39;)

3:50 Hs The 4 Strings

05:00 Hrs Closing

Artistic billboards will be equipped with: Los Pampa, Las 4 Cuerdas, Vichito Echeverría, La Pilarcita (Chamame National Festival). This festival is broadcast live from 10pm on Public Television.

Tomorrow Saturday will be the turn of The Nocheros. The evening will also feature: Horacio Banegas, Pancho Figueroa, The Voices of Oran, Indian of Now, Traditional Singers Alba, Maite, Miguel Figueroa and Conjunto Amanecer Campero Antonio Figueroa Trio. The Jesús María, Colonia Caroya and Sinsacate rubber drug groups and drug boxes & # 39; & # 39; Raíces de mi Tierra & # 39; & # 39 ;. Undoubtedly, tonight a high percentage of the audience expects the Chaqueño Palavecino appearance, which annually brings together thousands of fans in the city of Cordoba.

"Jump on the Soul"

This is an integral performance of singing, dancing and riding interventions. The players, who will direct Humacata, consist of ballet: Kakuy (Capital), La Huella (Rosario de Lerma), Our Roots (La Merced), Campo Alegre (Chicoana), Essence of My Earth and El Pehual (Capital), Herencia Norteña (El Carril), El Jahuel (Oran), Alma Fuerte (Cafayate). The Los Kimbas delegation will be there. Among the musicians and singers will appear on the stage: Los de Cafayate, Juglares, Querencia (Tartagal), Antonio Salas (Alto la Sierra). In addition, the speakers will participate: Juan Pinto and Juan Viñabal.

"It will be 18 minutes where we will show the entire landscape of our province. The truth is that it will be a unique experience. The people in charge of this festival visit Salta, observe some artists, decide to invite us to dress parties and folklore As if that wasn't enough, we will share that night with Chaqueño Palavecino, which guarantees us full sales of the Jesús María building, "Humacata said. "What is important is that dancers, musicians and singers from various parts of the province will participate. The flag of Salta will be put together on the Martín Fierro stage," added the leading salteño announcer.
Most of the delegations consisted of dancers, who were different academies and ballets. "Our dance has gained widespread fame lately," Humacata stressed.


This is a new proposal, with conditions that are quite many of its members, which place their illusions in every scenario. They were declared revelations in the last edition of the National Festival of Slavery and Folklore Jesús María, in Córdoba … and now they are looking for more.
They are talented young people who have accumulated experience in other formations and are now accepting new musical challenges. It offers new proposals, sustained in a fresh, vibrant poetic line and of course, as a good Salta group, also dedicated to a special musical genre in the north of our country. In addition, the contrast between sound and sound reaches a certain style that highlights the different intentions of each song.

Song 4

It should be noted that Canto 4 was the holder of the Jesus Mary Consecration Award, which he obtained in 2008; also from the Cosquín Consecration prize, which reached it in 2010. This will be a very good opportunity to enjoy these 4 Salta. In addition, the Salta group was awarded La Gaviota de Plata by Viña del Mar, Prize dedication from the Baradero festival, Gift Dedication Serenade for Cafayate. They toured Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay and Spain. Facundo Rufino, Iván Vera, Rodrigo Villarreal and Juan Peñalva are members of Canto 4. They have albums: Sombra Herida, Canto 4, Energía, Folk and Poncho.


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