Saturday , October 16 2021

Ecology and Argentina: they present Volt, electric cars developed and produced in this country

Announced the launch of an electric car, which has a different existence designed, developed and produced in Argentina.

Vehicles launched by Volt Motors, has an investment of 200 million pesos and is sold in two versions, for passengers – Volt e1-, and cargo van-Volt w1-.

At present, in that country there is no direct rival. The closest thing that happened was Sero Electric, an electric vehicle from only two seats produced in Morón, Buenos Aires province. On the other hand, the only car that sells is full electric & # 39; is Renault, with van Kangoo Z.E.

Volt Motors is based in the province of Cordoba and ensures that its model has more than 50% integration of the national section. That too Operating costs are a 90% cheaper than conventional vehicles, that is, with a combustion engine.

Copy shipments will begin in March 2019. The price of Volt e1 is $ 750,000, but the first 100 units have a bonus of $ 670,000

For its part, this van is valued at $ 650,000. As a reference, that's the price of a medium car in the basic version like the Toyota Corolla XLI with a manual box – $ 647,200.

This citycar is for urban use, 2.8 meters in length -To compare the Fiat 500 measuring 3.54 m-, 1.7 m wide and 1.7 m high. It has three doors and a capacity for two adults and two children up to 12 years ago. It weighs 550 kilos and 300 liters of luggage.

Your electric motor, – where companies do not disseminate technical information -, giving it 150 kilometers of autonomy, according to the producers. The maximum speed is 110 km / h.

Charging the battery can be done at a public 220 V outlet, which takes six hours to charge. However, there is the possibility of choosing a supercharger that allows to recover 80% of capacity in just half an hour.

This contributes to recharging the regenerative brake system battery, that is when applied during handling they change the part of the kinetic energy of the vehicle into electrical energy stored in the battery.

Inside has a 16-inch screen from which multimedia functions and main vehicles are ordered. In addition, from the application, you can check the battery level, find it, access it without a key, turn it on remotely, and do a unit check.

A two-year unlimited mileage guarantee – extended to three for the first 100 units, and they hope to sell 3000 copies during the first year. Those who are interested can configure their units with accessories from the brand's website.

As disclosed from the company, Volt Motors' plan is to expand through production cells. They want to produce in the main regions of the country such as Centro, Cuyo, CABA, NOA and NEA. Also, they say, they intend to expand in Latin America.

"We believe that it will be a product whose savings will enable its permanent amortization, which makes it the most competitive in the national market," he said in an official statement. Daniel Parodi, CEO of Volt Motors.

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