Due to flooding, part of the route in Santa Fe sank


Due to flooding, part of the route in Santa Fe sank

It was between Colonia Teresa and Alejandra. Heavy rain and clandestine canals made the asphalt collapse.

The ferocity of the water north of Santa Fe devours part of the provincial route N ° 1. But for the authorities here it seems that it is not only the responsibility of heavy rains. They point to the clandestine channel of the field bordering the route.

The situation is critical because of the inclination of Niño, a climate phenomenon that must persecute this province, and which is exacerbated by the natural runoff of waters that accumulates in the neighboring provinces.

At the exact point of this collapse, starting on Friday tasks in this sector from the route N ° 1, between Alejandra and Colonia Teresa (San Javier department) by cutting the inside of the culvert that crosses the route.

However, the flow of water from the river and water coming from the fields increased minute by minute despite the work carried out by Provincial Roads and Civil Defense to try to control the risks more.

Everything is in vain. The culverts that crossed the route began working above the drainage capacity and collapsed.

This caused the asphalt, about 25 meters, to sink completely, leaving a total cut of 200 kilometers from that route.

Indeed, provincial road authorities have asked the Army to install the Bailey bridge so that traffic can flow through this area and road communication can be restored.

Currently the Road Safety Police make a detour in Ruta Prov. N ° 1 and Ruta Prov. N ° 39 at the height of San Javier and in Prov. Route No. 1 and Prov. Route N ° 41 at the height of La Lola

From these organisms they urge residents to avoid zones, to circulate carefully and to respect the indications of Road Safety Police present at the place.

In the last hours, in the region, they fell – in a very short time – more than 200 millimeters. "It adds to the clandestine channel in the fields which has diverted the natural flow and flowed into the San Javier River without taking into account that the route before the river worsened everything," said a road source to Clarín.

It must be remembered that floods in more than 200 Santa Fe provinces were evacuated and more than 500 thousand hectares of productive land were affected which resulted in millions of dollars in damage to the province.


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