Monday , November 18 2019
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"Don't update Instagram": why users make claims on Twitter

Changes in Instagram feed, one inhibits to see publications in a habit, making many users complain via Twitter. According to the manifestations of those who use social networks, It's not possible to browse posts from top to bottom, as is usually the case in applications.

In this way, when entering the application, the user must shift the publication that moves their finger from right to left, as happened in the story. According to the new Instagram update, it is no longer possible to search posts from top to bottom, as usual.

Immediately, as communicated Infobae, users go to Twitter to tell about this modification that they are associated with the supposed platform updates. In a very fast way, social networking began to be filled with publications with hashtags #NoActualicenInstagram.

However, From the company they came to clarify that, in fact, it was a mistake in the system. According to Instagram, it will be bug which affects the form of post visualization, and not reform that is permanently present in the application, so navigation is changed.

In this sense, social networking ensures that I have solved the problem that is blocking seeing publications in the traditional way, Motives that upset many application users, who did not know what was happening. But some netizens still say they still have this problem.

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