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Does extrovert have the advantage of making love relationships? | Life


Extroverts may have more sex, according to new research. - AFP photo
Extroverts may have more sex, according to new research. – AFP photo

QUEENSLAND, November 23 – New research in Australia found that more extroverted men and women may have more sex than their more introverted counterparts.

Conducted by researchers at Queensland University of Technology, this study looked at data collected from 2,998 heterosexual men and 1,480 heterosexual women who took part in the 2016 Australian Sex Survey.

The participants answered various socio-demographic questions and also completed the BIG 5 personality test, which is currently the most accepted personality system, measuring the level of extroverts, friendliness, neuroticism, conscience, and openness to one's experience.

The findings, published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, showing that both men and women, higher rates of extroversion were associated with higher sexual frequency levels, results which were also consistent with previous studies.

In addition, for men a variety of personality traits, especially those that are more thorough, more emotionally stable, and more pleasant and more open, are also associated with more sexual activity.

Higher extroversion or lower openness in men is also associated with having more children.

However, only "more pleasant" women have more children.

The findings show that a combination of certain personality traits can give men an advantage when looking for partners and reproducing, but not necessarily women.

"Throughout history, competitive advantage has helped men and women achieve increased success in work, sports, artistic endeavors, their ability to obtain and secure resources, and ultimately, their survival," explained researcher Dr. Stephen Whyte.

"However, little is known about the advantages, or disadvantages, of personality traits provided in relation to sexual activity and the success of offspring. Science does not really have a strong understanding of how personality traits affect marital and reproductive behavior, and especially whether certain personality types are favored by men or women. "

"Our findings show that a greater variant in male traits and their special combinations can benefit them when it comes to sex and reproduction but that does not seem to be the case for the women we analyzed," he said. – AFP-Relaxnews

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