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"Does China Suarez always like …?" An Intruder panelist destroyed the model!

The world of the show is a very sharp environment and not everything is bright. Celebrities have their own stories, and specialists in their fields, journalists, have no mercy when speaking. One of those who did not hesitate to mention the latest news from the program was Marcela TauroJorge Rial's panelist program was very difficult.

Intruders are one of the American channel channels that specialize in celebrity issues and yesterday was no exception. In the program they talked about hacking Instagram accounts from Sabrina Rojas and Luciano Castro and when they debated, the panelists linked the context to the famous film: "The red thread" and talked about fictional love stories that later became concrete.

marcela tauro china suarez

When the debate continued, Guido Zaffora recalled the scene China Suárez and Benjamín Vicuña in the film and commented that during the filming of the film they met and added that during filming, a motorcycle scandal with Pampita occurred. Then, Marcela joined in and made a strong comment on the fictional protagonist. "Well, because we are discussing this issue and taking laundry in the sun, is it a coincidence that China Suarez always likes men who are with other people?"

Tauro's statement made his friends speechless, and the first to speak was the driver: "Difficult," said Rial. However, he did not regret his words and that for more: "It's difficult … but sorry, with whom Nico Cabré when he met him? With Eugenia Tobal, who just lost her pregnancy. Mr. Vicuña with Pampita. I am not accusing but there are women and men who like certain people, "said the panelist.

It seems the truth is painful, but the event journalists are willing to make strong and often comments, in this case, La China Suárez is one of the protagonists. But the reality is that the models and actresses strengthen their relationship with Vicuña and both form families and have the same daughter: Magnolia.

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