Doctor Boca was angry with the media for a version of the future of Fernando Gago


Boca doctor, Jorge Batista, out at the intersection of the journalistic version which shows the impossibility of continuing to play football for Fernando Gago, after a serious injury in the Copa Libertadores final in Madrid.

Through his social network, the head of the medical department Xeneize said: "I don't know whether Fernando will continue to play or not, and actually in the decisions he must make with the coaching staff and club leadership at that time".

But then he shot: "But it would be good if everyone who wanted to give their opinion when they consulted consulted the name … Boy, no one would be angry! There was freedom of expression, but the truth is that of anonymity in me humble opinions don't look good, "he added between irony and anger.

"And even more so when you don't know the details of what kind of injury the patient presents, the rate of rupture or the technique performed, can you return to a great level, I don't know and you should see evolution. Congratulations for everything! Great 2019!" add.

A response from Batista, who led an operation carried out by Gago for the return of a defeat against River 3-1 in Spain, related to a note published in Olé, stating that "after so many injuries, specialists consulted by Olé made sure that (Gago) could not 100% more. "

Pintita suffered Achilles tendon tears in the right leg while playing extra time and Boca was with ten players and did not change. In addition, it is the third similar injury suffered by midfielders in his career (all against Millionaire), in addition to torn ligaments.

Gago's last injury

In 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, Gago had to go through the operating room because of the rupture of the Achilles tendon (left twice, right) and ligaments.


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