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Disney released the first trailer for the remake of "The Lion King" – 11/23/2018

Fans of "The Lion King" You already have the possibility to see the first trailer of the remake from classic animated films that came out in 1994 and he practiced in 2019 with actors, not animated characters.

Disney released a clip of short duration, more than one minute, where remember the scene where Simba is presented to jungle animals as the heir of King Mufasa.

"Everything that touches the light in our kingdom, but when a king as ruler rises and falls like the sun, one day the sun will rise in my reign and come out with you as a new king," said the voice Mufasa (James Earl Jones), while the image of the walking animal is shown and the sound of the principle is legendary "Circle of life".

The new version of "The Lion King" will get the help of new technology that allows surprising effects.

It is speculated that it will be in the style of "The Jungle Book", the original 1967 animation, which was recreated last year by Jon Favreau, the same director returning to the big screen adventures of Simba, Nala, Mufasa and Scar.

A big novelty among the actors who will star in this film the presence of Beyoncé Knowles multi-award stars, who will be Nala.

With the majority of African-American players, young Simba will be duplicated by Donald Glover, a young man who shines in the "Community" and "Atlanta" series. Veteran James Earl Jones – the voice of Darth Vader from 1977 to the present – will become King Mufasa, the role he played in 1994. And Chiwetel Ejiofor ("12 years of slavery"), will become an evil Scar.

Meanwhile, Timón and Pumbaa, the pig and my beloved meerkat who forced Hakuna's matata as a living motto, will be interpreted by comedian Billy Eichner (host of "Billy on the Street") and Seth Rogen (protagonist "Little pregnant").

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