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Demand moves for family caution by virtual bodyguards

An 18-year-old man took his own life in Bariloche, after being almost blamed as the author of alleged sexual abuse. The girl, underage, who filed a complaint, later admitted that she had lied and stated that she did it because she was "angry".

The days of doing nothing but increasing sadness Agustín Muñoz, until December 23 last he took a fatal determination.

The girl has filed a complaint through their social network. Muñoz participated in feminist demonstrations, when he was surprised to be written in public. He ran to the house and suffered complaints from the complaint. Then, it was found that it was wrong.

Agustín Muñoz is 18 years old. He took his own life after being reported incorrectly for sexual abuse (Facebook).

Minor made contact with Agustín's mother, trying to reduce the complicated situation that had been generated. The girl also apologizes openly through her network. "Playing with this story, it is a mockery of all victims of rape, abuse and resentment," said Silvina Castaneda, Agustin's mother.

The woman said that her son was very sensitive and fell into a depression hole that he could not leave.

The Agustín family published a video in which they asked them to become aware when formulating this type of accusation: "We play with something very complicated".

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