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Connie Ansaldi spoke of his controversial departure from Cort by Lozano: "I no longer have fun, I feel …"

Farewell from Connie Ansandi from this program "Cort by Lozano"the program that moved Vernica Lozano produced much speculation. However, he denied his departure and said that his decision was due to a new direction and revealed that he had another project. As time passed, the water calmed down, but Connie attended the television program and answered questions about the problem.

The keen panelist was invited to the "Hay que ver" cycle and consulted about his departure from the Lozano program and he could not help but answer: I did not have fun with what I did, I did not want to sit doing the same thing for years, I need to do something else. It's hard for me to keep doing the same thing for a long time, going somewhere, not making creative decisions, not being artistic, not being involved in the creative process, and not being able to act from that place to me, that has caused a lot of sadness, Ansaldi said.

Connie Ansaldi

Then, the drivers don't let the opportunity pass and ask him about the controversy that was released in his exprograma. The context was related to the absence of the driver and at that time, the channel manufacturer decided that all panelists replaced him less, something which caused great discomfort in the famous case.

"I feel a little neglected because I am a driver, but regardless, Mauro Szeta and I have done the program, it works well, and the fact is it is a day, and you leave the team happily. It is great that the girls are there there, but I want to be there, I don't know what's happening with production, there are thousands of things I don't know, I'm tired of fighting the system, the guest admitted.

Almost over, Connie did not miss the opportunity and highlighted his anger with KZO producer and also showed his frustration with the driver "We Can Speak, Andy Kusnetzoff.": "Another thing that also hurt me, I am Andy Kusnetzoff is what I have known for 28 years, because he was a producer, and he never invited me to the radio, or to his television program, became the same producer program and the same channel, finished.

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