Confirm the case of genuine dengue fever in the city of Aire de Santa Fe


In accordance with the neighbors who live in the southern area of ​​the city of Santa Fe. Patients are treated and receive medical care.

Director of provincial epidemiology, Carolina Cudos, confirmed by Aire de Santa Fe that the provincial and municipal health teams work on this Friday morning in a blockade of cases.

In addition, they apply all related actions to prevent infection.

The infected person has no travel history to a country with endemic dengue. like Brazil, Bolivia or Paraguay.

"It worked all morning to check if there were other fever patients. He intensified descacharrado and fumigation. This caught our attention because there were no cases in travelers"explained the official.

On the other hand, Cudos clarified that all blocking actions were taken to avoid new cases.

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Recommendations for the population


– Maintain a terrace without a container with water

– Water dogs change every day

Clean sewers

-In mosquitoes clean water lay eggs

To control the index of larvae

We work in an area articulated with the municipality.

Cudos clarifies that most people don't register the possibility of working to avoid breeding.

I returned to listen to an interview with Carolina Cudos


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