Confirm that the virus caused an outbreak of gastroenteritis in the city of Entre Ríos – News


After conducting an epidemiological investigation for an outbreak of gastroenteritis at Maria Grande, the provincial Health Department determined what caused the above usual cases. This virus attacks almost 30 percent of the local population.
The results are achieved, after taking stool material samples for analysis and detection of viruses and bacteria, namely Norovirus. This is transmitted through consumption of contaminated food or water, and / or person-to-person contact. In addition, the study was supplemented by water samples, which were analyzed by the city government, located 64 kilometers from Paraná.

In this case, the director of Epidemiology, Diego Garcilazo, said: "The Department of Epidemiology Surveillance, worked on the site to determine the cause of the increase in the number of consultations for gastroenteritis. More than 240 surveys were carried out, and samples were taken for virological and bacteriological analysis."

"It has been confirmed in this way that the cases are caused by viruses that are responsible for 50 percent of the epidemic of gastroenteritis in general," said the professional. Norovirus infection occurs with nausea, vomiting, liquid diarrhea and abdominal pain. However, there are cases without symptoms. In general, this infection is not dangerous, develops well in two or three days, "he said.

"During these weeks we have had dialogues with the hospital director Francisco Castaldo from the entrepreneurial area, Martín Ginestar, and with city officials, to be able to withstand huge requests and find out about the situation. We can assert that there has been a considerable reduction in consultation," Garcilazo said .


To avoid the spread of this type of virus in populations where it is confirmed that there is an epidemic of gastroenteritis, the Ministry of Health reminds residents of the importance of consuming safe food and water.

Water is considered safe because the condition and treatment do not contain germs or toxic substances that affect health. This can be obtained using bleach (place 2 drops for every liter of water, 3 drops for each liter and half, and 6 drops for every three liters, leave to rest for 30 minutes before consumption); or boiling water for three minutes (from the appearance of bubbles, waiting for it to cool for consumption).

It should be mentioned that, in addition, water must be preserved after making it safe. "It can be packaged in clean and closed drums, better if it's made of plastic and with a spout," said Garcilazo. Also, you must keep it from the ground and out of reach of animals, and replace water regularly. "

Prevention of dehydration

For those who have symptoms of gastroenteritis and their condition is confirmed by a health professional, from a health portfolio, they remember the need to prevent dehydration.

It's important to maintain good hydration, especially this summer. In some cases, it is necessary to supplement the consumption of water with oral hydration salts.

Finally, Garcilazo said: "The most vulnerable groups are children and the elderly. Also, breastfeeding is very important to maintain hydration and prevent this type of table from worsening or prolonged."


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