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Collapse in Mardel: the prosecutor pointed to the administrator | Chronicle

After misfortune, the investigation begins. The Office of the Wrong Actor is responsible for investigating death Agustina Ferro, 35, and his daughter Indiana, of the three, which were destroyed, Saturday afternoon, by the debris of three balconies that collapsed from a building in Punta Mogotes. Everything points to the administrator.

While the prosecutor Pablo Cistoldi He still didn't blame anyone for the incident, explaining that from the prosecution work to determine "level of responsibility"It can exist and where building administrators can be linked to facts."Keep in mind that the architect, or whoever built it, did it about 50 years ago"He added.

The building administrator is Jorge Bianchi, 58 years old, and has been in charge of the consortium for about two decades. Bianchi was not charged but was told that he was being investigated in this case.

Pointing to make sure it's already "complete all City requirements regarding building records", Even though in the tragedy he chose not to speak by claiming to be"very busy"


The Prosecutor Cistoldi ordered the realization of expert reports to find out how the tragedy occurred, why it happened, what was the cause of the collapse and if anyone was responsible for being charged for the crime.

In addition, he requested the municipality's private building work, its construction files, the history of violations, fines and reports to find out if he had any type of structural refraction, while he commissioned the realization of safety claims reports for safety and hygiene experts.

Another key fact that researchers will consider is the words of the people who live in the building, because in this way it will be possible to know whether there was a previous landslide or some kind of event that could remind of the tragedy.

"The community as a whole, Municipality and judicial actors must raise awareness of awareness in buildings that have a certain number of years and, coupled with corrosion by belching, are a latent risk of collapse."The prosecutor Cistoldi explained.

A tragic incident occurred on Saturday, after 14, at the intersection of Puán and Acevedo, in the heart of the Punta Mogotes neighborhood. Ferro and his daughter passed when there was a collapse what was defined by the Civil Defense, Fire and Public Works staff of the Municipality as the upper part of the front of the building.

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