Coco Carreño: "With Maru Botana I played the role of & # 39; the man who was abused & # 39; because that's what they hired for me"


A year and a half away from television is the cook Sebastián "Coco" Carreño, after a sudden stop from Kitchen on wheels, a program broadcast in America. Now, finally comes the moment of its own cycle. A program is thought of, expected and with the desired format.

"Yes, of course I miss returning to TV with projects like this, cooking shows that I always want to do. I am waiting for the right time and channel to return, and in the meantime I am taking care of my place, "Carreño explained in a conversation with Teleshow, referring to the return after the bend and turn about the reason for the peak of the cycle he shared with Jimena Monteverde. In his moments, rumors point to a fight with Maru Botana, with whom he worked in his first three years on the small screen.

However, from both sides they always wore cold clothes in the proper fight and made sure that it was more of a comment on the rest than a real confrontation between the two. "Of course I will work with Maru Botana again, is the person who took me to TV and with whom I have a lot of chemistry for three years, it only depends on one day some producers appeared, but now only what happens is that each one reaches his way", sure Coco.

About the role that is occupied next to the cook, clarifying that "I play the role of a man who is treated badly & # 39; because I was hired for thatand then that role and the program ended and finally the reality came out of who I was, a very obsessive person with work in the kitchen. "The obsession also moved him to two places in Coco Café, and he also turned it into a second recipe book.

After 24 years of experience, finally at City Channels will have your own space, and without a doubt it's "your" place, because In Coco's kitchen Filmed in your home. "This format is very friendly, far more agile than what is usually on television, this is a full menu for entry, dishes, and desserts and recipes last 7 to 8 minutes, which is a half hour program, but very agile," he explained. "Very intimate, very good, explaining that one can cook at home with a few pans, some fire and lots of will, because what the kitchen needs is to entertain, that's the problem, "said the chef who discovered his desire for recipes since he was a child and studied in France.

Regarding the cooking program news, he made sure that "before they teach us more recipes with a variety of larger ingredients", but that "Argentina's ceiling is not as wide as we think" and finally made "the same recipe with the same ingredients in all programs", and "above we did not explain from where the media gave us that there were various types of things to cook and consume", he asked.

The Instagram account explosion dedicated to preparing dishes where cheese and chocolate are the order of the day, cannot be stopped. Every minute a new profile appears on the social network of someone who uploads a plate and in most cases, a recipe for doing so. However, Coco is skeptical of accounts that are not supported by people who understand the subject: "People will know when making a recipe if what they upload to the network is useful or not, what I can say is what the recipe that I taught was a recipe that I made many years ago and many were experimenting, and it's not just an aesthetic problem, not only does it look funny, but it comes out as I say. "

"Some pots, some fire, and lots of will", that's what's important to be able to entertain someone with delicious food, and Coco knows very well, and that's why, starting on Monday, on the City Channel, he will prove it.


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