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Cinthia Fernandez returns to shoot her ex: I can't give my girl to someone

Cinthia Fernndez and Matas Defederico is very familiar. Even though they have a long and beautiful relationship and 3 beautiful daughters, today they cannot be seen! They continue to star in big scandals where they involve their children. Both have very strong characters and always want to have the last word. Now, they fight again and Cinthia I finally exploded with a very loud sentence.

Dancing Participants I posted a photo on his Instagram account that celebrated Francesca's birthday. In the picture he appears, Martn Baclini, 3 girls and their two grandmothers. Many media think that one woman is Defederico's mother, but the reality is different. Don't be confused, my mother is not the person in the photo, my mother did not see my daughter for more than 4 months, at the behest of the mother, the footballer wrote on Twitter.

But Fernndez he did not open a post and went out to answer him at Involucrados, the program where he was a panelist. "I can't give my girls to someone they don't know, it will be different if dad is present, but not so, my daughter is not a package, what should she say that her mother doesn't see the girls?" dancer very angry

Matas was watching the program or somehow she found out about her old wife's statement and I told her Twitter. "I am not accusing, but calmly, that tomorrow I clarify everything with tests like I always do, to keep fighting so that in the morning my daughters' daughters always know the truth about what I am and me as a person!

Last month, brunette He had clarified the dispute with his old in-laws. Matas has an agreement with his family, spends a sum of money per month and the truth is that I have never met. It was his decision and I remained on the edge, until my daughter was born and that changed. When their born twins became a priority, it became complicated because he could not pass the same amount, he could not supply and everything decayed. Today, my daughter has a relationship with grandfather, but not with mother. I take care of that, I don't want to.

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