Chris Hemsworth doesn't have something easy to try his luck at football (Video)


Chris Hemsworth reached the peak of his career thanks to his role as Thor in the Marvel Universe film series. In each film he shows his ability as the God of Lightning, able to defeat big and strong criminals and conquer the heart of the girl he loves. However, the actor did not have the same ability when he came to enjoy a soccer match on his last day in Thailand, where he recorded his new film Dhaka.

Everything was recorded in a video published by the same actor through his Instagram account. Chris he took the time to enjoy playing with a group of young Thai people who gave him a lot of difficulty in mastering the ball, even though his physical condition was good, the reason for delirium for millions of fans around the world.

Pele Maradona Messi. Ronaldo Hemsworth. To be honest, I didn't find anything funny about fooling myself against the locals and our team on the pitch last night in Thailand, the actor wrote as a publication legend on Instagram. In the first seconds of the video he was seen asking for the ball but no team mate passed until finally when he received a long pass unfortunately he could not find the ball because it was far from his closest teammate.

In the following clips, you see the actor making a leap to win the ball, but without much success. After, Chris He made a band tour and took to court to defend however, by dribbling a small dribbler over and even making him slip. At the end of the game, the actor fell tired in the field of play but then rejoined to take photos to capture the moment.


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