Saturday , September 25 2021

Centurión and Almada testified as witnesses in the abuse case

Thiago Almada Y Ricardo Centurion appeared at the San Isidro prosecutor’s office to testify as a witness in a case where the alleged sexual abuse of a 28-year-old girl was investigated in a meeting in a fifth house rented by Juan Martín Lucero.

Both Almada and Centurión testified as witnesses and told of everything that happened, the attitude each had and where they were.. In addition, they confirmed that there were several people and that we brought as witnesses and they confirmed the players were innocent, ”said Mariano Cúneo Libarona, Vélez player’s lawyer.

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They ordered the arrest of Juan José Acuña for sexual harassment

The justice has issued an arrest warrant for Juan José Acuña, the main defendant about having abused a woman at a party in which the four Vélez players also participated (besides Ricky, Guayo and Lucero there was Miguel Brizuela), whom Mauricio Pellegrino did not count for the match against Patronato in Paraná. “The club has protocols and if they find out they will know that my client is not responsible for facts“, he explained

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The lawyer explained that “what happened wasn’t at the party but at the barbecue at the fifth house and the players left at 20. They offered themselves yesterday (Saturday) to testify as witnesses to tell everything that happened. “

“They go through this whole situation with excruciating pain, because they got involved as if they had committed a crime of herd abuse and nothing like that,” said Cúneo Libarona.

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