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Carlos Lampe's desire at Boca Juniors

Carlos Lampe I come to Boca Juniors to replace Esteban Andrada in Copa Libertadores de Amrica. The former football player Lans He broke his jawbone and had to move from the playing field for a long time. At that time, Xeneize's leadership did not want to bet on a young man to replace Mendoza by considering the importance of international competition.

However, Guillermo Barros Schelotto – technical director of the club La Ribera – chose to give Agustn Rossi a title, so the Bolivian reinforcer did not play a minute during his stay in the blue and gold boxes. Kiper, who began his career at the University of Bolivia, passed San José, Bolvar and Sports Boys, coming to Boca from Huachipato de Chile (where he was named the goalkeeper) on loan.

Unfortunately for Lampe, his contract expires on December 31 and he must return to the trans-Andean country to join the Chilean team. In a dialogue with El Mundo radio, Carlos said he wanted to stay at Xeneize: "I want to remain, without hesitation, I don't want to leave without showing why they took me to this important place. Minutes."

The Bolivian footballer continued his testimony by highlighting that he always worked with the team. "From the place I have, I give the best of me, always support the team, Esteban and Agustn. The goal is more groups than individuals. I am a very ambitious person. It's very exciting to have arrived, very important in my career, but I want to remain my desire is not for the economy, but for football. "

Also, Lampe does not rule out playing in other teams in the country: "If I cannot continue in the institution, the idea is to find other options in Argentina, I want to know what will happen and that it will be resolved quickly to calm down. If the club don't use the purchase option that I have one year left on Huachipato, I depend on other aspects: if Agustn can go to the team where the proposal is located and if the coach wants it I will stay. "

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