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Cabito talked about his departure from "Basta de todo": "Matías Martin decided that I should not be part of the program again"

After the driver makes an editorial in the cycle where he takes over the decision he made when he agreed to leave Cabito, his former colleague said goodbye to the listeners through a series of posts on social networks. "I was scolded and I should have thanked Matías in the first message and not been sent last"He highlighted the words he wrote on his personal Instagram account.

In addition, he clarified that the cycle driver gave him the possibility to say goodbye to his audience but chose not to do so and suggested that it could "later". "He does not give me soul", obviously humorous this Wednesday at Pamela in the afternoon.

"For me Basta That is my life ", he added, and explained that at that time he was friends "like in any job. With some people, you have more closeness than others". "And Matthias," Pamela David asked. "At one point we were closer and at one point we were further away," replied the comedian.

"Today, we have a two-person dialogue that he decides that I should not be part of the program anymore and he is fine, he is the group leader and decisions must be taken by him," he added.

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Cabito also revealed that two years ago he would leave his own account from the program. "For my illness," he said, referring to obesity. Then gastric bypass is done (Mr.: weighed 194 kilograms, fell 84 kilograms in seven months) and continue its role as a cycle columnist.

"My obesity means, at some point, personal and professional neglect"He explained, adding that he had apnea at night, which caused him to "fall asleep anywhere": "And that happened to me in the air, and I was responsible for that."

The humorist emphasized that his main concern was "because the work is done and how things are in this country … I have to pay rent, I have a fee." In addition, he said that the radio offered him another project inside the station and stressed that Matías Martin did not put any obstacles in this matter. "Only my relationship with him and my participation Enough of everything. That is it. "

Regarding the driver of the program, he revealed that they shared several talks where they agreed not to continue the cycle. "We say everything, it's not just one, it's not like we said & # 39; No more & # 39; and suddenly we don't talk anymore."He explained, and concluded: "It's like a marriage is over."

Complete release of Cabito on Instagram

This is the best way I found to say goodbye to you. On Monday in the program I was offered to do it in the air and I preferred that this was the way, with those who followed me or those who wanted to read. First of all, my eternal thanks to you honorable listeners, who paid my salary and caressed the soul with each greeting, every photo, every comment about laughter or how the mood changed in difficult times. They are my daily machine, my reason and a fundamental part of my passion for the environment.

I can't help but be grateful for all the messages of love, respect, and solidarity that I received these two days (from friends, colleagues from other radio programs, from their drivers, from HR, from commercials, from clients and sponsors whom they became friends and soldiers, silent listeners) Answer each and all of them, with lumps in the throat.

It was very painful for me in this situation, leaving the work I loved for more than 15 years and more than 18 years in the company. The work that gives me a lot and what I give a lot too. But that's all, work. This is not a marriage or a friend's club. And in work when you are useful or functioning you are part and when you stop, they invite you to retire. And it's good that it's true. I know that I owe you that this year I did not make you laugh so much, it was a very complicated year for me, which began with the death of my grandmother (the woman who raised me) followed by my separation after 8 years, I was very affect my mood and it hurts my job. imagine the situation of a bank manager, he doesn't care what happens in your house, he evaluates your performance because it is work and this too. Also a few months ago I told you that at the end of the year my participation in this program was completed, there was no doubt that my mood had changed. First it will end at the end of the year, after the end of November and then ask me to be on Friday when the party ends, that's why I didn't go on stage to jump and dance with the program group, considering they celebrated and my hands were empty like my heart, I thought I have nothing to celebrate.

Regarding my health, it is also said that I play against and that is true. All I have to say is that obesity is not an option, because if you are lucky there are no or no family members who suffer, you don't know what I'm talking about. But when you experience hyper-obesity, you experience sleep disturbances and fall asleep anywhere, driving, sitting or on the radio. basically because you lack oxygen. At that time almost 2 years ago they told me that I did not continue for this reason and thanks to the extraordinary management of who I was at that time the artistic manager returned the situation and opinion of the person who told me that he did not follow, let's report that after my surgery, I returned to the air. and so it was but something was broken on both sides. I operated on my family's love, which is my wife and one of my friends. No other person participated at that time. My current health and I clarify that because many people are worried, it must be done, even if they do not believe because I am too thin, 6 or 7 kg under my weight, they help me to restore it. Physically I'm fine, the pain is in my soul, my head and my heart. That I also deal with that.

Someone once told me that friends told each other twice in good time to see how much was there and at bad times to see how much was left. My luck is that I lost very little, but learning is difficult. I found it in my operation. when I clinically stopped breathing and my heart slowed a little, a situation that led me to intensive therapy for several days. There I found out who cares, who I call, who comes to see me and who doesn't. The blow is hard but you learn, what about this situation too. I also want to thank the now artistic radio manager and the owner who still trusts me and believes that I still have many things to give. God willing, we meet again, I have no words to thank all who accompany me, listen to me, come to the theater, watch me on TV or in theaters, I hope they will taste my food soon or come back to see me and listen I. Thank you for your attention, for encouraging me to lose 125 kg, for your unconditional love. I will keep it forever. Today I don't expect it to be 2 … because of Basta, it's over. With the love of Cabito

Final Paragraph in addition to thanking Matías (Martin) for the opportunity to do TV many years ago and for radio and my professional growth for years and so many things shared.

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