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Cabito made a strong disclaimer after Matías Martin announced that he had separated himself from "Basta de todo"

Last week a news bomb shook the world of shows: Matías Martin announce that Eduardo "Cabito" Mass Alcántara I go Enough of everything after 14 years

"Cabito will not continue in Basta. This is a painful decision that I took over as the driver of the program, group and team … I feel that part of the wear and tear of this marriage, from the journey of this program is far greater than can be imagined."said the driver of a successful radio series.

And after a few days of silence, Cabito made a disclaimer from Instagram: "First of all, my eternal thanks to you honorable listeners, who paid my salary and caressed the soul with each greeting, every photo, every comment about laughter or how the mood changed in difficult times. They are my daily machine, my reason and a fundamental part of my passion for the environment"

"This is not a marriage or a friend's club. And in work when you are useful or functioning you are part and when you stop, they invite you to retire. And it's good"He continued, answering in what Martin said.

"This was a very difficult year for me, which began with the death of my grandmother (the woman who brought me) followed by my separation after 8 years, which greatly affected my mood and ruined my work.", He then clarified what affected his work performance.

At the end of his destruction in the cycle, he mentioned: "First it will end at the end of the year, after the end of November and then he asks me to be on Friday when the party ends, that's why I didn't go on stage to jump and dance with the program group, considering they were celebrating and my hands were empty like my heart, I think I'm not celebrating anything"

Then, Cabito gave details about his health situation and indicated that Matías Martin wanted him to leave the previous program for this reason: "Regarding my health, it is also said that I play against and that is true. All I have to say is that obesity is not an option, because if you are lucky not or no family member is suffering, you don't know what I'm talking about. But when you experience hyper-obesity, you experience sleep disturbances and fall asleep anywhere, driving, sitting or on the radio. Basically because you lack oxygen. At that time almost 2 years ago they told me that I did not continue for this reason and thanks to the extraordinary management of the person who at that time the artistic manager returned the situation and opinion of the person who told me not to follow, to report that after my operation, I returned to the air, "he said firmly.

In the end, he reflected on friendship: "Someone once told me that friends told each other twice in good time to see how much there was and at bad times to see how much was left." My luck is that I lose very little, but it's difficult learning. "

And he dedicated the last peaceful line to Matías Martin: "Paragraph in addition to thanking Matías for the opportunity to do TV many years ago and for radio and my professional growth for years and so many things shared"

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