Saturday , October 23 2021

Buy cryptocurrency, the key to the future


Mexico– Investing in cryptocurrency, beyond the performance that can be achieved, is an opportunity to become familiar with this technology that will dominate future payments, but who have been accepted to buy products and services in Japan and Germanyhe insisted Amir Manzur.

The general director of Cubobit – the Mexican Exchange platform where five types of cryptocurrency can be bought or sold – is highlighted that there are around a thousand cryptocurrency in the world.

"Cubobit offers in Mexico five of the most powerful or most capitalized, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum or Litecoin, charging per transaction 0.5 percent of what is sold or bought," he explained.

For Manzur, currency fluctuations are now identical to the market maturation process, because there is still ignorance among the public, which raises nervousness before the news of regulations or the closing of several exchanges.

However, he stressed in a statement that year after year the currency has increased its value and also declined, resulting in a positive balance in terms of yields.

"When it's used as a traditional payment instrument, it will be stable", as happened with the advent of the internet, he said.

"There was too much speculation in 1999. Falling in, then there was stabilization and seeing what is now. The internet has matured, strengthened and has now been used practically," said the Mexican businessman.

While this happened, and before the arrival of the Fintech Law and its secondary regulations that were still pending, he said, Cubobit focused on fulfilling all the requirements set by the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV) and Condusef because it was the prevention of money laundering.

So, to participate in this exchange platform, users must be made with names and addresses, and depending on the amount exchanged, changing requirements. To sell or buy more than 20 thousand pesos, biometrics must be provided as the user's face.

The amount to be bought in Cubobit goes up from 100 pesos to a much larger transaction, because there is still no limit in the amount.

"You can buy the amount you want, the interesting thing about this is getting used to and understanding it. When people become more familiar, the market will grow and we want to be part of the participants," Manzur concluded.


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