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"Broken Horses" is a new track / EP from Twin Shadow

New song / New EP: find what's behind "Broken Horses", the new Twin Shadow

George Lewis Jr. back and the new ep is delicious.

Since April 2018, George Lewis Jr. it seems to have been in a very quiet format of rediscovery and self exploration, however, today its neutrality has reached the breakthrough needed after the release of a new song which, in turn, was presented in the format of the old single school EP.

What do we mean by this?

For that the original song was titled "Broken Horses", but such releases, came with four other edits such as "Santo Domingo Edit", "Port Antonio Edit" and two instrumental versions of it.

What does it sound like? What are you talking about

The trail itself is a little hymn for detachment; freedom For unwavering heat from desired love, but it cannot.

Know jealousy, insecurity; know to see the dawn in the eyes of someone you love but it's impossible because love brings a cage that we can't all get used to.

That at the lyrics level, but at the sound level, there is an implicit dominant heat that throws delicious bachata that doesn't lose "indie" and alternative touches, because it flies over the genre but I can't say if basically, it lands on the classic base.

However, this is a gem. Hug to heart.

Listen here and before the Twin Shadow begins to conquer 2019, enter this new sound that has evolved from the deepest feeling in the mind of George Lewis Jr.

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