"Bonadio Securities" infects Merval and country risks, which have risen to the maximum since September


Asset punishment

The indicator developed by JP Morgan rose 13 points to 708 units. Upset and uncertainty among investors with the country

The processing dictation by that judge Claudio Bonadio for businessman Paolo Rocco hitor from filled in that market. The paper from Tenaris and Ternium they are dragged for íindex Merval What? cortor that streak from upload it and terminologyor 0,80% below this.

"It is true without The place a doubt that news mas extraordinary from that day, that processing What? dictor Bonadio in that framework from that cause from that notebook. A raíz from this, that stock from The group Techint they are registered strong caídas, very much in that exterior, as in that square local" seeÑ Eduardo Fernandez, analyst from Rava Society from Bag.

Así, Tenaris fall downor 9,90% while What? Ternium cedior 3,93% in Nice Ice water. También that they see caídas in Bank Supervielle and TGS in lathe for 3,50%.

In What? What? see a that operation in New York, tooén that they see crash from almost 10% for that stock from Tenaris What? they are done drag it for break from that paper Argentina What? they quote allí.

The bad mood even that moveor for market from bonus. The risk país measurable by that bench JP Morgan increase 13 unit go up that 708 points basicos, level maximo from the beginning from September.

The uncertainty políethics with that general election presidential from año prorximo hacía What? that amplíe that differential between that bonus Argentina amortizable in 2019 and another a overcome When beech a new período from Government. Between that tíheadlines 2019 and 2021, that pause arrivedor a mark it 500 points basicos.

"The differential between both bonus (2019 and 2021) esta express that risk político What? represent that general election from 2019: a finally change from Of course respect from treatment from that debt and/o that trace from consolidationorn fiscal" thatñforor José Echagüe, strategist finance from Consultatio Investation.

The cause judicial What? hundior for market

The judge federal Claudio Bonadio processor this one Tuesday for The CEO from The group Techint, Paolo Rocca, in that framework from that cause from that notebook by should bribe in that work pública for that government previous.

Sources judicial thatñalaron What? that processing from Rocca, one from that businessman mas strong from país, have What? see with that payment from bribe What? a executive from that group realizedor a officials Kirchnerists.

The judge federal tooén he dictor that miss from mérite for businessman Marcelo Mindlin, from Pampa Energeticía.

The 5 from October past, for loan declarationorn question previous Bonadio, Rocca said What? not I for very much from that payment not proper What? confessor have made for government previous that executive from group Luis Betnaza.

In that presentationorn previous that judge, Betnaza Of courseor What? saved "some meeting" with that eg president Cristina Kirchner for demand "for government Argentine What? intercede" as mediator previous that then president from Venezuela, Hugo Chatime, by "that danger from nationalizationorn" from one from that signature What? that holding on.

Según that directive, that payment they have What? see with one questionorn humanity for safeguard for personal What? that the performanceñbro in Sidor.

Al respect, Rocca negor have knowledge from that event, What? atribuyor a Betnaza and a others director from Techint, Héctor Zabaleta, who in that cause have miss from mérite.

The due dateño from group not appear mentioned in that notebook from refreshment Oscar Rye, but that thatñwinged by that investor Ernesto Clarens, who tooén statedor previous that judge, by deliver should bribe for that managementorn previous.

The processing from Rocca, What? including a embargo from 4 thousand millions from weight and that prohibitionorn from Exit from país, that signed together a that enlargementorn from that accusation from that eg officials July From Vido, José The seaía Olazagasti, Roberto Baratta, Hernan Camilo Gormez and Nelson Lazart.

"In that present case, that find out accredited with that class from certainty Needed in this one stage procedural What? Paolo Rocca, habría has been one from that people What? orderor that delivery from money made by Héctor Zabaletta a that officials from eg Ministry from Planningorn Federal, they are then they were executed that Act What? they own from that functionorn What? meetía, hallapose destined a benefits a that coasters" thatñforor that judge.

In How many a that miss from mérite from Mindlin, that judge Expressor: "In that payment realized not that glance that matrix established in that break from that delivery from money What? they Registered by Oscar Rye in you annotation, added a What? from testimony from appointed corresponding effect diverse measurement from test take care of a verification o throw away you said"

Ex officials, tooén processed

The judge Bonadio tooén I decideor process for eg boss from Cabinet Juan Manuel Abal Medina and a that eg secretary personal Martín Larraburu, they are they admit have be accepted money from that collectionorn contribute from that Ministry from Planningorn for campaignñas electoral, although they said ignore that origin from same.

Abal Medina and Larraburu "taskan reply as participants needed, intact time What? participate in from pension and distributionorn from money, What? I be delivered a that officials they are exerciseía that decisionorn about that stock own from that functionorn pública What? debía appear as colleague from that total from money be delivered"

In August past, that eg boss from Cabinet statedor What? I receiveor contribution in black from businessman for that campaignña electoral from FPV 2013, What? they collected by Baratta.

"Always I understandí What? said contribution from personal they volunteer and from not Street sue low coerciorn" for Support that campaignña electoral from Daniel Scioli, Daniel Filmus and Martín Insaurralde, indexor Abal Medina.

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